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March 01, 2012

            BY Ethan G.
    Abraham Lincoln and George Washington: both so alike, yet so different. Abe's on the penny, George on the dollar. Many comparisons like that one await, so just dive in to the report. Have fun!
    February is the month George Washington was born in. Same with Abraham Lincoln. They also were both presidents during wartime.They both didn't go to college. They both were in the army before being president. They both had two terms, even though there was no term limit set then. They both had many jobs.
    George Washington lived from 1732-1799, but Abe Lincoln  lived from 1809 through 1865. George washington didn't live in the White House but Abe Lincoln did. George was born in Virginia, but Abe was born in Kentucky. George was general of the war. Abe wasn't.
    They are both different and the same. It was very interesting to look into this.This was Abe and George by Ethan G.

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February 17, 2011

Learn about the office of the President here:

Scavenge for information about George Washington and Abe Lincoln while completing this webquest:

Can you answer these questions about George Washington and Abe Lincoln?

Color pictures George and Abe here:

Try this memory match game:

Lastly, good luck getting this song out of your head once it's stuck.




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