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October 13, 2010

Three things from my Eee PC and it is from the games section. The first, thing is super tux it is so fun it is just like super Mario. Then the tux math it helps you with math. Next, the Potato Guy you can customize it is fun. Then the Frozen-Bubble. It is so fun. This is how you play there is a gun and you have a Frozen-Bubble in your gun. It is so fun. finally, is the game tux typing. It is really fun and is really cool. And it helps you with your typing. Thank you for listening.

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We have done a lot of things on our Eee PCs. I will tell you three of them. First, we have been on Tux math. It is fun and it helps you with math. Next, we have been on the website called Arcademic Skill Builders. It has games to help you with math, language arts,and other subjects. Also you can play up to five players. When you play with more than one player it does not have to be someone in your class, it can be anyone who is on that website. Last,we have visited Wackey Web Tails .It is really fun. It is just like mad libs. It is just on the computer .Those were three things I like and have visited on our Eee PCs.

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October 11, 2010


I am going to tell you three things we have done on our laptops. One of the things are tux typing. What we do on tux typing is we first pick from easy, medium, or hard, then we pick what the words should be about like animals, ocean, and things like that, then we have to type what word comes up. Its very, very fun . Another thing is Academic skill builders. What we do on Academic skill builders is we play educated games with math, and spelling and grammar. Finally theirs tux paint. What we do is we get to paint and

stamp whatever we want. That is three things we do on our EeePCs!

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October 01, 2010

The first day we look at our Eee PC's was the third week. We looked at the Internet that was a lot of fun. Next, we played some games on the Internet. Then, we played on tux math and tux typing that was super fun. Last, we looked at goggle earth I saw my house! That was the third week of school. The Eee PC's are so much fun. I hope you will like my blog about our Eee PC. THANK YOU FOR READING!

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Posted by Rylee | 7 comment(s) |

Three programs we have explored on our laptops are: super tux, Google earth, and frozen bubble. These programs are awesome I especially love super tux where a penguin tries to save his friend penny he has to jump over obstacles and defeat enemies. And frozen bubble is where you shout balls at other balls that are the same color and knock them down by matching them up. Google earth is where you type in the place you want to go to and you can zoom in and out and scroll side to side or up and down it is awesome. Well thats what we do on are laptops. I hope you like it.

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November 09, 2009

   I love using our EeePC!!! One program I like about them is Cheese. I like to take pictures and videos with my friends. Another program we have been using is Tux Math. I like Tux Math because it teaches you how to do math problems. One of my favorite program is Academic skill Builders. We can do lots of different games on there. Like Addition and we race C-Duos. I love using our EeePC!!!

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Posted by Mallory | 3 comment(s) |

October 28, 2009

My 3 most favorite things we have learned on the EeePC's Math website because you can learn about math and play games at the same time. Next, I like Cheese because you can take pictures and videos then make them your screen savers and look at them every day. Last, I like Super Tux. It is a video game that is really fun! I like it because it is like an activity I won't forget!!!

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Posted by Sabrina | 6 comment(s) |

March 30, 2009


What do you think about the EeePC's? Also have you seen that penguin racer is back so is tux puck. Also what is your favorite game on the EeePC.

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