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December 12, 2011

A Snow Ball Fight

By Dominic Cancino

In the village there was a snow ball fight

Kids were getting hit with fright

But when they got hit they were bright

They played until it was night


When they were in bed

They were on a sled

Made out of lead

That was dead


The next day they came out with a cheer

With a little fear

The balls were flying like rain deer

Then they went there and here


Then the fight was done

Then they had fun

Posted by Dominic | 9 comment(s) |

It's Christmas Eve

children are in their pajamas

drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows

can't wait 'till tomorrow to open presents,

left by the jolly old fellow


All snug in their beds fast asleep
not even one of them making a peep

while Santa puts presents under the tree

he won't want me to see


Santa stuffing stockings surprisingly

Posted by Raquel | 3 comment(s) |

December 09, 2011

The Joy of Winter Breeze


The joy of winter breeze

The feel of wind in your face

It sure feels like it seems

That it will fill your dreams


The joy of winter

You'll fill it in the breeze

It feels so cold

so get out there, and play in the snow.


Posted by Shane | 5 comment(s) |



It's cold and white is blanketing the floor and burying my feet.

The wind blinds me with leaves.

Lights surround houses.

I think to myself, “What is happening?”

It rains white on the rough roofs.

I think for a while , then I know that it's here.

I get excited and play prancing , printing snow angels ,puff up the snow because I know Winter is here.

Posted by Alanna | 2 comment(s) |




I see winter coming around the corner,

it means we have time to spend with our family,

the snow is as cold freezers outside the house,

winds are whistling when they blow.


Posted by Kyle | 1 comment(s) |

December 08, 2011


Winter is here

with snow and strong winds

Winter is here

with snowflakes dancing on the breeze


Along with winter

sometimes comes joy

other times with it comes



O pretty Spring

bring back the warm days

when flowers were budding and

new animals born


O pretty Summer

my joy has been frozen

like the land of the Arctic

melt the ice that encases my joy


O pretty Autumn

Bring back your beauty

but soon it will be winter again


Please melt the ice

and melt the snow

bring back the life

I used to know!



Posted by Emma | 4 comment(s) |

Ethan L.



I wake up and I see something white

In my mind I think of snow

I looked out my window and see that I was right

Winter is here!


Santa will check if you have been naughty or nice

Eating cookies like a pig

Riding in his sleigh pulled by reindeer

Ho ho ho!


The snowmen are looking at me so creepily

They watch me at night and in the day

Grabbing at me with those stick arms

Mad at me for eating their noses


Posted by Ethan L. | 4 comment(s) |

Kaitlyn Jang




When snow is falling

It's winter's tears dropping

And when the weather is clear

We know that we will never fear

That it's time to play 'till night's here


The forest is shrinking

Because it's time to be thinking

That Christmas is almost here!!!



The snow is wrapping my ankles

While the air is freezing my breath

And the pond is solid as bricks



When snow is falling

It's winter's tears dropping

Now we all know that we will all fear

That now spring will come once again



Posted by Kaitlyn | 5 comment(s) |

The Thought of Winter application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text

The Thought of Winter


The sky is dark and the leaves are gone

The trees are bare for the leaves are a great loss

I greatly miss the sunny ,special sun

The trees are no longer covered in moss.


Santa hats shower the town around me

The merry songs that are sining

I recall beautiful voices ringing

I love what my life if coming to be.


The wind hits me in the face as I walk

The snow whirls around me as if it wanted to follow me home

I am a bear safe at home on my own

I drink hot coco as I gladly talk


Someone strikes me, a surprising snowball

I throw one back, I amazed someones there

The shock is huge it's a bunch of snowfall

I can not believe it is happening.


My enjoyment has gone, my hopes are lost

It is spring , the winter is sadly gone

All I can do is miss the winter frost

I feel as if I am off, no more on.


Posted by Skye | 6 comment(s) |

Snow falls, winter finally comes

it gets a lot colder

because of the beds of snow,

I will always know.


The blizzards are harsh

I run in the house

I have hot cocoa with marshmallows

I put on my coat that is yellow.


Christmas comes

we have cookies with milk

We play in the snow

outside I will go.


The blankets of snow

crystals of ice like diamonds

we make snowballs for a fight

we pretend we are birds taking flight.


Snow stops, winter finally leaves

it gets a lot warmer

because the melted snow,

I will always know.



Posted by Christian | 2 comment(s) |


Winter wraps me in his coat

The snowflakes swirl into the night

I feel that I am having fright,

Winter takes me in his arms

And blows cold frost on my coat.


I feel fright as a chill runs up my spine

Winter follows me to the snowy pine

I start to run , but I am all alone

Winter grabs me and holds me tight

Will spring ever find me?


Winter is like my worst enemy

I can't escape this terrible place

The frosty fields shimmer in the night

The moon is shining very bright.


Winter blows freezing frost on me

I try to find shelter under a tree

Winter takes me and won't let me go

Will spring find me I don't know.

Keywords: dlindsay, figurative, languge, poem, winter

Posted by Claire | 4 comment(s) |

The Feel of winter .

I feel the frost

I feel the snow

It is beautiful

and was a long time ago


We love the winter, the freeze, the snow

The feel of time like long ago

But my not-so-freezing California Winter

Calls to me by being sunnier


My love of winter freezes like ice

When spring comes with all its might


My leaping, loving, leaving winter

Just makes spring seem scarier


My lovely winter calls to me

With no snow, and rain it seems


But now I know

It is time to go.


Spring calls to me with open arms,

It seems that Winter has closed its doors.


Winter is as poisoning as Halloween's fright,

Except for the moment on that one night


I felt the breeze

I felt the snow

It was beautiful

But now I have left the frost.

And now, I know.

Certfied E post

Keywords: dlindsay, feel, figurative, of, poem, the, winter

Posted by Ethan G. | 2 comment(s) |

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