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December 06, 2010


My Nightmare in my Closet

      Once upon a time in my closet was a deadly monkey. The monkey had spiky hair; it was brown and he was coocoo for bananas. When I opened my closet I found a monkey in my clothes: he said "ha ha ha!" He was mad because I ate all of his poisoned bananas. I felt sick! The ugly monkey left because I gave him rotten bananas. The End.


Keywords: Hartshorne, Nightmare

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       Over my Thanksgiving break I went to my aunt's house. At my aunt's house I played with her new dog named Dudley. Then, I played with my friend, Emily. The game that we played was Tricky Triangle. After that we all sat down and said our thanks and ate dinner. At the feast we ate turkey, pomegranates, salsa and chips, and for dessert we had apple, cherry , and pumpkin pies. I ate my dinner very slowly. After we ate, my sister, Emily, and I played tug 'o war vs. Dudley. After we played tug 'o war we said good bye to all our friends and family and left. When we left my uncle saw a coyote. The coyote walked away very slowly. The next day I went bowling with my dad's side of the family. I got my birthday presents from them. My Thanksgiving break was so much fun!!!

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My Thanksgiving Break

     Hi my name is Dylan. Over Thanksgiving Break, I played in my Uncle's bounce house. Second, we watched football and ate turkey. Last, we ate desert and had Thanksgiving Feast! I ate very slowly and also very calmly. We played very rough when it came to the bounce house. We were going very very crazy in there. I hope you like reading about my Thanksgiving Break.

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Nightmare In My Computer


        Once I had a dragon-like nightmare in my computer. Every time I played my favorite game he quickly shut my computer down. The nightmare was wearing polka-dot shorts and a shirt with his name on it. He also had long hair in dreadlocks. One day I decided to get rid of him once and for all. Finally, I stealthily caught him with a net. (Written with Andrea.)

Keywords: Hartshorne, Nightmare

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Nightmare in my Bathroom


           There used to be colorful nightmare in my bathroom. It made me sad. Before I put my clothes on I always hoped he would disappear. I even put secret cameras in my bathroom to see if he was gone. When It was time to go to bed, quietly, I was really sad. I decided to get new clothes quickly, and I never saw it again. I am writing for Nya.

Keywords: Hartshorne, monster

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