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June 11, 2012

June 08, 2012

Enjoy my slide show! It took me a while...


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June 07, 2012

June 06, 2012

June 04, 2012


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May 16, 2012

by, Kyle Mattox



My name is Gabriel Gneiss, and I am going to tell you how I became gneiss. First I was Gary Granite on a mountain. A few days later, it was super windy. So, I got blown into a river from the wind.

I traveled down the mountain in the river. When I slowed down, I found a floodplain next to the river. I stayed there for about a day until it rained forever.

I moved down the river again as fast as a cheetah, and I ended at a delta. Then I went into the ocean. I used the waves to find my way to land.

After a few days, I got washed up on the shore. I stayed there for a wile, until a wave pushed me up the beach.

Over time, I started to go under the sand. The pressure going over me get heated me up. So I started to get turned into a metamorphic rock.

When I turned into a metamorphic rock, I was now turned into gneiss. So then I changed my name to Gabriel Gneiss.  So now you now how I became Gabriel Gneiss.

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May 14, 2012

The Tale of the Granite Named RaRa Ruffy



Hi human beings. I'm a sand grain from a sand dune. You are probably wondering why I am in a sand dune. If you would like to know, then stay. If you don't, then please don't read this tail about the granite named RaRa Ruffy.



I started out having biotic weathering from a rose. It was hurting like crazy. Then when it was done I was a very little piece of granite. Then wind started to blow me up.I was very scared.


The wind suddenly stopped and I fell into a river. There were so much meanders,I even got broken into more little pieces.Then I got flooded onto a floodplain and landed on the wet grass.I was freaked out by how far I was from home.


The next day someone,probably a farmer,and took me to a jewelry store.Then when they asked if they could make a necklace out of me I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO!I was even more scared when they said yes,the bad word.


Soon they messed up but I got damaged to be a little sand grain. Then they threw me into the winds of the desert and there. I have told you about my life. Now I have to catch up to the others.

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Hi there! I am so tired right now I just made a very long journey! I am so sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I am Bella Basalt! I Used to be Penny Pumice though. Do you want to know why my name is so different now? It is a long and adventurous story that is all about me. Let's begin!



It started off in a beautiful valley, the birds were humming there song, sweet as syrup. I had just been formed as an Igneous rock, fresh out of the volcano. I, Penny Pumice am not very visible in this valley scene. I was hidden by a big oak tree, its roots were digging into me as a giant boulder. Through the air there was a loud SNAP! And that was that, the big roots had grabbed a big chunk of me off!


I was sitting there, not knowing what to do! Until suddenly lightning flashed across the sky, thunder boomed. It started pouring icy cold rain! Oh no! It had gotten in the tiny cracks in me! Finally after a feeling like it was a hundred years, the rain stopped the sun timidly peeked over a cloud, and the birds started tweeting! After watching this scene for many days the rainwater in the cracks of me started to freeze! CRACK! Not again, the rainwater started to expand and I a chunk of snapped off again! I was stunned!


The force from me breaking made me tumble down the flower invested hill and bounce once and fall into the little stream! Rolling down that hill made me

get ground up a little bit more! The stream carried on to a river, on the way there, I was ground up even more! I was going at top speed racing down a large mountain. When I got to the flood plain, I went through many twisty meanders. Then, I got swooshed into a oxbow lake. After I escaped the oxbow lake, I was swished out into a delta.


Then, with all of the water pressure, I got pushed into a Subduction zone! Underneath the Earth's mantel! After being inside a volcano for about 100 years, it finally erupted! And you will never guess were I came! There were sandy beaches, and shady palm trees! I was in Hawaii! I came out of the volcano as me Bella Basalt!


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Journey of a Grain of Sand


I'm Samantha Sandstone, but I was Molly Marble, this is the story of how I became sandstone.

It all stated on a stormy day. I was sitting not knowing what to do when all of the sudden a HUGE rainstorm hit. I slipped and tumbled into a river.

Grinding against the side of the river, I got broken up into little bits until I was only a centimeter long! I tried to grab hold of the river's ledge, but it was as slippery as a bar of soap, I let go of the ledge and kept going, by this time I was just a tiny piece of sand. Suddenly the river dropped me into a delta.

I got whirled around like cotton candy getting twirled onto it's stick, I got whooshed through meanders, sometimes it was a smooth ride then I would go through another meander or go over a bumpy part with other rocks that got stuck because it was to big and the river had to drop them.

I was begging to enjoy this ride, but I stopped, and got thrown into the ocean.Strong forceful waves threw me toward shore where I got stuck under a big rock (for many years) and got pressed into sandstone.

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I once was an Obsidian named Olay. I lived by a peaceful volcano in Hawaii. One day it started raining.




My home got flooded and I got carried away into a river.




In the river I went into a delta and flown into the ocean.




I spent some time in the lovely ocean until, I got washed way up to shore.








I was on shore when this big gust of wind blew me away into a river and soon I got broken to bits of pieces like a dinosaur stomping on rocks!



Later on the riverhad went into a meander and lead me home.




Suddenly it got hot and I heard a loud BANG. Then rocks went flying everywhere and then I noticed that my home was covered in lava! I was very exhausted so I covered a fossil and became Limestone Layla.




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BY NICK SCIOLE Hi, you may know me as rock but on the adventure I go on I become Obsidian! Its a hard life being a rock, everything takes forever, like going in the ground but I'm starting from the beginning. I was in the desert when the sand storm hit, I was pretty big at the time so the wind had to be really fast to move me but it move me. All the way to the closest river.


I got there in a couple minutes but I didn't care the rock cycle takes thousands of years. I was pushed in the river, I had to wait a wile until a glacier came then I got grinded into smaller pieces. It it felt terrible. When the glacier past I was way smaller and the water picked me up the speed it had since it was going down the mountain and once I got to the to the wind picked me up and I went flying.


The wind pushed me to the other side of the river and farther. I went, I went down, I went sideways, it was the ride of my life. Finally the wind went down and I landed in the dunes of a desert.


I started going in the ground a day later and it was dark I thought it would never end but ya it took a long time. I couldn't tell if it were day or night. It must have been so long because I think its been a year.

It was getting really hot, I think that I'm getting near some magma. I hope I don't get melted soon. I just don't like the feeling that I'll get melted soon. I'm a foot


away from magma, I can feel myself melting, only a few more seconds till I'm magma. Times up, I'm magma and I feel so hot and so gooey. The floor is shaking, I think I'm in a volcano thats erupting. I'm going up really fast and I shoot up.


I'm out of the volcano and I'm cooling down into obsidian! I completed the whole rock cycle and I've came up with a new name instead of rock now it own obsidian! I'm so shiny awesome. Now I feel more cool.

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Journey of a Grain of Sand


I was a little granite at the time. On the mountains staying still, not really fun at all. After my big adventure, I have become a shale stone. This is how it began:


One day, a giant rainstorm came near the mountains. The sky was as dark as the deep bottom of the ocean! Suddenly, I was starting to move by a flood caused by the rain. I kept rolling until I hit a river.


I cried for help trying to get out of the river. I kept flowing down the river to the bottom of the mountain. The river roared while a whole bunch of water spilled on me. I thought the storm would be over after I was!


The storm was over about an hour later. With my heart beating with relief, and my face showing glee, I thought that I was the luckiest granite alive, but little did I know that I still had more trouble ahead of me.


I was a bit calmer, but I was still a little bit worried about what would happen when the river would come to an end. Soon, I was feeling a bit noxious. It was because I was in a roller coaster of meanders! They were getting bigger and bigger! My head was spinning so fast that I felt like I was going to... well, you know.


I was as relived like I was when the storm was over. I was relived because there were no more meanders to be seen in the river.


I was panicking when I saw something else that was strange in the distance of the river. I took a close look, but saw it wasn't bad at all. It was just an oxbow lake. It was HUGE! It was bigger than other ones I've seen before. At least I didn't get stuck in it. It was already formed.


Days and days have gone by. I was getting very bored. Suddenly, my eyes opened with more relief than ever on my journey, my face covered with a giant smile. The end of the lake was there!


A delta took me out of the river and into the ocean. How nice it was to not worry about anymore meanders or running down a fast river.


A few months later, I have noticed something different. I was a shale! From that point on, I have always been thinking about my very big and amazing journey!


So that's the story of my adventure. I'm always glad to share this story with everyone!

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By:Shane Kinsley


Hi. My name is Larry Limestone. I was metamorphosed into a limestone. Then I was changed into a marble by metamorphism. Before all that, my name was Carl Conglomerate.


I was in the mountains when I heard a rumbling. I stood up and saw a little white spec. As it got closer, it got bigger. Finally, it reached me and said,”Get out of my way!!” I said,” No!!” and then right when I said that, he started to crush the whole hill and left me behind. I fell Off and landed in a river.


Rocks kept on falling on me and impacting me. I started to turn into a conglomerate. I got up and was proud. Right when I stood up though I fell into a delta and entered the ocean. I became to fall underground and started to melt. I felt really hot and eventually I was

transforming and turned into a marble. Once the transformation was complete

I felt proud and started to think of a name. It came to me. Why didn't I think of it before. My name was going to be Marc Marble.


The End


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Hi gary gneiss here and do you know how I got to a gneiss? Well I will tell you how to how I got to a gneiss and it all depends on erosion.


The fist step of erosion was exfoliation on rock hard mountain. When I fell down that mountain I was like a wounded bird falling from outer space. When I hit the ground the next thing I knew was that I had split into two other parts and that I got knocked out.


When I woke up I felt something tring to break me apart. At first I didn't know what was pulling me apart but then it hit me, a tree was breaking me apart! It finally broke me apart but I was on land. I didn't know what could move me but then I remembered something I read in the rock times. It said that a glacier was close to melting.




that night I heard a rushing sound. It was water I guess the glacier had already melted and I was going to get washed to the bottom of the

mountain with it. I was right but I wasn't Battling the water I was in a alluvial fan .


Over time I was buried over other rockes and heated by an underground magma chamber.


Now that you know my story why don't you go do it to

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Journey of a Grain of Sand


By Joelle Min


Hello! I'm Sandra, Sandra Sandstone! I am now a sandstone now but I used to be Maddy Marble! Here's my story:



It was a cold night, hail pelting down on me. You see, I lived on the edge of a cliff. The hail was coming down very hard and broke off the piece of the cliff I was on. As I rolled down, pieces of me slid off. There was a river under me. I made a big SPLASH, and the water danced across the land. I floated for what seemed like 100 years! I met a lot of interesting rocks on the way, too! I met Sally Sandstone who was on her way to being basalt!



That led to a oxbow lake. The lake jerked me into the rainbow shape. It was very dizzy! During the turn, my sharp edge took some sediment off!





The oxbow lake led to the ocean. I saw many, many fish! I also saw people surfing! I floated through the blue and salty ocean. I missed my home on the cliff, but I would have a new home soon!



Now one day I was in the ocean like every other day. But I got caught in a gigantic wave! I crashed down and more pieces fell off! I washed up on shore. Now I was a small piece of marble.





After a few days, I got dried by the sun and got crashed down on so much that now I am a grain of sand. The wind was so strong it blew me into a sand dune. After years I slowly turned into sandstone.


My home is in a sand dune now. I enjoy it very much. I cannot wait for my next adventure, I will surely tell you then!




Keywords: dllindsay, journey, rock, sand

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So, you are here to listen to my story? Well, I'll tell you about it now. One day, when I, Miranda Marble was minding my own business of a mountain, it started to rain. I couldn't do anything because I am a rock. So, I tumbled down the mountain and broke into pieces. “Ouch! Bump! Crash! POW!” I felt like powder, but I'm still in pieces. I was looking for a river, and I found one after a while. I felt like a fish out of water!!!




I splashed into the river, but I never knew that...there was harsh rapids, big scary bully rocks, and leftovers form my marble ancestors?!!! It is really scary and now I am getting crushed again. I am basically rock powder right now. Wait, no I am not rock powder, I am bits of marble. I, Miranda Marble, am not rock powder.




“Whoosh!!!” There was a huge gust of wind and blew me away!? “Grind, grind, grind, grind,” The wind

is killing me!!! (not really) “I'm ready to go down now!!” Okay, this is really (ow) really(ouch, bump, screech) embarrassing. Finally, I am on solid ground.





A few hours later, I felt dirt pounding me awake form my sleep. I was in the earth!!! Later I found other pieces of rock and squeezed together. Wait, I am not a marble any more!!




I am.....siltstone!!! But now I am a little boring. “Crunch, crunch, scrape” Do I hear a shovel? Yes, I do!! I am going out of this dirty dirt!!




Now I am in a girl's hand in front of a lake. She will use me as a skipping stone and...... “whoosh!” She just did. I am in the lake waiting for another rock cycle.


Keywords: cycle, grain, Journey, rock, sand

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By: Gary Granite(real author: Ethan Lewis)


Hi! I'm Gary Granite. Today, you are going to learn all about my life. You will also learn a lot about the rock cycle. I hope you enjoy the story of my life!


One day, when I was a little granite I was just resting on the top of a mountain, but then some rain came and started to push me off. It took me all the way to the edge of the mountain. I was teetering over the edge. The rain eventually pushed me off the mountain. I was so scared.


I rolled, and I rolled

down the river until I came to a peaceful river. I knew I had to go through my rock weathering soon. I was bracing myself for the very painful moment.


While I was flowing down the river peacefully, I heard a very loud and forbidding sound. I knew the glacier was coming. I was very frightened, but I knew this has to happen to all rocks. The glacier crushed me, and turned me into rock flour. It was painful, but I knew that I was halfway done with the rock cycle.


My rock flour felt like baby powder. I felt like crushed pumice. I felt so little and helpless. My powder kept splitting up. Life was miserable for me. I kept flowing down the river

until I reached a sand bar. I had to get ready for my painful transformation from granite to sedimentary rock.


The sand bar crushed, crunched, and destroyed me. I turned into very small bits of rock. It was like I was a baby again. Life was miserable for me.


I kept flowing down the river until I got caught on a dinosaur drinking water. I saw a bunch of other rocks getting caught on him too. Eventually the dinosaur died and all that was left of him was his bones. I covered his bones and The dinosaur became a fossil. I could finally rest, and that was the story of how I became a sedimentary rock. That reminds me, I have to go change my name to

Sam Sedimentary. Bye!


Keywords: dlindsay, grain, journey, sand

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