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March 16, 2011

anne document/unknown

If I had to go into hiding I would go to Disneyland because I would be able to go on rides and they probably wouldn't find me.  Since I will hopefully not be caught I would take lots of things.  For example I wouldn't bring food because they already have a lot of food there.  I actually might bring a little bit of food just in case I run out of money.  Also, I would bring my Ipod touch, my D.S, and my T.V. I will bring all the money I have so I can buy food and buy clothes to wear.

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December 12, 2008

I love the holidays.There are so many things I love doing with my family during Christmas.We put up a ton of lights,bake cookies,and go over to my grandma's house.    One of my favorite things are looking at lights during Christmas.My family has always put up a lot of lights. Then we enter the Santa Clarita light contest.Me and some of my friends hang out outside and pass out candy canes to little kids.                          I think baking cookies is fun.My mom and I make a bunch of cookies for our neighbors and Santa.Then I decorate them with frosting and put the cookies under my tree.                         

My favorite place in the world is my grandma's house during Christmas.We go over there on Christmas eve.Some of my family come up to see me and my family open up some of our presents.We eat a big dinner,then go home and get ready for bed.                          These are some of my family's traditions.I look forward to the holidays all year just so I can do all these things.Christmas is almost over and I can't wait until next year.  

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