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September 26, 2010

Look at this new animal I've discovered. It appears to have the head and spine of a iguana and the body of a elephant. It devours 4 tons of seaplant life such as seaweed, seagrass, krail, and plankton. It is prey and prefers to only come out of water at night. The females give birth to 2 babies every two years and and is hunted for it's precios ivory spikes now that it's been discovered.

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September 21, 2010

This animal eats grasshoppers,flies,ladybugs, and catapillars. Hippo flies are predators and prey. This animal also lives in gardens and swamps. A hippo fly lays 4 eggs every year. It migrates every winter. A hippo fly can also camouflage with it's background.

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January 12, 2010


2.jpgBy Kylie    The Flying Eledog is part bird, elephant, and dog. The flying eledog has elephant ears which are good for hearing as well as keeping it's little face warm in the cold winter. It's big ears can cover it's face in bad weather. The flying eledog has bird wings so it can fly high in the sky, and get away faster when it is being hunted. Also, it can go fast when it is catching food. The dog part is it's face, body and a long tail which helps it climb. The nose is cute and black and it has a great sense of smell.

The Flying Eledog is located in Madagascar, and it lives high in a tree. It lives in a nest made of sticks, tree bark, grass, and leaves. What does an animal like this eat? Well, it eats bugs, worms, berries, sweet leaves, and it's favorite is butterflies. The flying eledog has a great personality! It's always happy and wagging it's tail.

This animal lives in packs, their nests are in trees close to each other. They are always taklking to others in the pack. They make a noise like this, "Vruf." When they mate and have babies, they stay together as a family. The little babies stays close to their mommy and stays warm under her big elephant ears. The daddy will hunt for food for the babies and mother. Together the mom and dad flying eledogs will teach their young how to fly and hunt. 

Would you like to have one of these as a pet? Where would you keep it? Would you keep it in a bird cage, a dog house or the neighborhood zoo? As long as they are loved, they will live for a long time.                                       

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People, scientist find new animals very day, but today they found really strange animal! It's name is Dino!!

 The first adaption is attacking humans. Why dose he attack humans? I'm glad you asked. The only reason he(Dino) attacks is because people try to put him in the Los Angle's Zoo. This is why Dino attacks humans.

The second adaption is running fast. Dino may have small legs, but runs super fast.Why, because he is known as prey witch is scary. So he(Dino) has short legs to run fast.

Now the third adaption shooting lightning!!!! Dino shoots lightning out from his tail. Why dose he have it? It's to protect himself and knock-out prey, humans with puffy hair.


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The Jackosaus is a cool animal. It is a strong predator. It is at the top of the food chain.

The Jackosaurus is a large animal with scaly, orange skin.  When he is mad his eyes turn bright red.  He is twelve feet tall and thirty-six feet long.  His neck is six feet long.  The Jackosaurus's body weighs approximately 533 pounds, and his neck alone weighs fifty-three pounds. 

The Jackosaurus has a long tail.  The long tail helps him balance.  They use their tails when they pounce on prey.  If they miss their prey they can use their tail to get back up quickly.  The tail also is used for climbing trees, they can wrap their tail around the tree limbs to help them climb.

The Jackosaurus has large, sharp claws.  They use them to slice through even the strongest skin.  He has claws that can be up to twelve inches long.  They are used for ripping meat off of prey.  He likes to eat large animals, like elephants and gorillas.  The Jackosaurus lives in a forest surrounded by rocky mountains.

The Jackosaurus is a cool animal. I enjoyed finding information about the Jackosaurus. I hope you enjoyed my information to.


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