SUSD Student Community Usage Guidelines

The Saugus Union School District strongly supports personal websites and weblogs for its staff and students. We respect the right of both staff and students to use them as a medium of self-expression, so long as they adhere to these guidelines. Please note that the Saugus Union School District expects these guidelines to be followed regardless of the service provider and or host of the website or weblog.

General Guidelines

  1. The use of websites and weblogs is considered to be an extension of your classroom. Therefore, any content that would be considered inappropriate for your classroom will also be inappropriate for your website or weblog. This includes, but is not limited to, profanity; racist, sexist, or discriminatory remarks; personal attacks or derogatory statements; information that may be considered personal and/or embarrassing to another person.
  2. Post safely. NEVER post student last names or other personal information on any website or weblog. Teachers should avoid posting personal addresses, phone numbers, etc. Photos and/or videos containing actual students are not to be posted without parent permission. Do not associate student names with individual student photos, if at all possible. Group photos are always better.
  3. For your protection, do not post any material that is copyrighted unless (a) you are the copyright owner, (b) you have written permission of the copyright owner to post the copyrighted material on your blog, or (c) you are sure that the use of any copyrighted material is permitted by the legal doctrine of "fair use."
Please note: Employees and students are legally responsible for their commentary and content, and can be held personally liable for it. SUSD will assume no legal risk should outside parties pursue legal action against a district employee or student for their postings. In addition, employee and student conduct guidelines and their consequences do apply to content posted by them on websites and/or weblogs.

Weblog Guidelines

  1. A blog is a tool individuals can use to share their insights, express their opinions and communicate with others. Be Interesting! Writing is hard work, so take some time and develop your topic. There's no point doing it if people don't read it.
  2. Expose your personality. Almost all of the successful bloggers write about themselves, about families or movies or books or games; or they post pictures. People like to know what kind of a person is writing what they're reading. Just keep in mind that a blog is a public place and you should try to avoid embarrassing your readers or the district.
  3. Link often. Linking to web sites from your blog or blog comments in support of your argument is an excellent idea! Be careful, though, to read the entire article or page you are linking to, in order to make sure that it is appropriate.
  4. Be a part of the dialog. Read the work of others and add your comments to their posts. Read others' posts carefully, though, before adding your comments, and, should you disagree, use constructive criticism and evidence to support your position. The power of blogs is in the community they create - participate in the community.
  5. Attribute to others. If you use quotations or data/information from other sources, be sure to cite the source of the quote or data/information.
  6. Share your work. If there are documents or supporting files that are relevant to your post or idea, share them with your readers. Once again, be careful not to share any private information.
  7. Practice good writing conventions. Because these are school related sites, be sure to check your posts for proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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