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December 08, 2014


Snow flakes, so different

Cold yet always forgiving

Cold body yet warm hearts.




The cup so warm in my palms

But when the warmth covers me

With its warm hug.


Umbrellas tut tut, pat, pat,

The rain so gentle as to sing,

with the chorus of the umbrella. 


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October 14, 2014



The forest vine 

a creeping vine twining around a Lilly hugging it

or capturing it for its first meal 

but the vine went on prancing as if wearing a diadem of proudness

reaching up, up, to the sun light grabbing, capturing it

for only itself to keep 

until thunder broke out and with it lighting 

then it struck 

down, down, down, went the proud little vine

pounding to the ground




by: Ava


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October 02, 2014


     “Rosemary was siting in her room trying and trying to untangle her hair, oops pretend I started with once upon a time but as fairy tales go the knots would not untie so she went out in the back yard-em em court yard and wished some body would untangle them” “ these knots are killing me now really going to have to have grammar practice all about knots and nots or nots and knots” “all of the sudden her hair and all the nots I mean knot knots got stuck in the well she thought no one would like to marry a person who had a well on her head that was obos! “oh would some body help me, even the narrator” “please” “ walled rosemary” “no not me” “um... well I'm the narrator”said me hopefully I am “ next line please “ can't any one help me “I can” “not me right, her” “yikes, I through you were my hair” “ I will untie your hair if you do four tasks for me” “sorry no can do sir only three or seven thats the a fairy tale works” “fine seven” “ it was more close to three” in mumbled “ but okay buddy” “but first you untie my hair”

“it was beautiful” 'if I do say so my self” “but now, what do you want for your first wish?” “um..... probably........” “a.....um..you could possibly a-” “i know a new pair of flippers” “not my drift but okay” “ so they when to the store to get some flippers they hopped into the ca- I mean-” “you mean carriage” “the princess said” “said the narrator” “ what store?” “said the princess” “I through we left you at hom- I mean the castle “so they went to a shop called swim wear and got some flippers”

by the sixth task the frog had flippers, goggles, bathing suit, snorkel mine boogie board and sun screen “what do you want now?” “asked the princess in a lousy voice” “i think I want a-” “ a what!” “said the princess in a annoyed but still hopeful voice” “a..a..a.....a pair of sun glasses” “ said the frog” “okay” 'said the princesses 'so as the normal routine they we to swim wear and got some sun glasses” “ now for the final task can I recommenced something” “ announced the princesses” “of course” “ he announced back” “so we could just get married for the finial task” “yes I was thinking that to, so lets go get me a minnie surf board” “said the frog”

     “That night rosemary went to bed felling drowsy” 'then at the stroke of midnight she herd someone calling” “ Rosemary, Rosemary” “where are you?” “said well somebody” “ can you let you beautiful locks” “ if this is how the story goes then he is the prince” “ though Rosemary” “ so as the story goes she let her hair down” 'then-” “owwwwwwyyyyyyyyyyyyy” “interrupted the princess” “sorry ma'am” “ he said as he crept through the window”will you marry me” he asked “of course” “hollered Rosemary” “but that very night Rosemary went to the pond and asked if the frog could untie her hair again because a prince climbed up and got it knotted again” “so there it was Rosemary had her own froggy god person


And They Lived Happily Every After!”


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September 26, 2014


websites: http://www.savetheredwoods.org and http://en.wikipeadia.org




Sequoias are a very special species of trees we should protect them 3,000 ares of land is owned,but there is over 48,00 ft of land that people can call the land of the the red woods. The tallest tree is 316 FT tall (THATS 'HUGE!!!) our sequoias are are a special

Scientists can tell the age of a sequoia or any tree by looking at the rings when it falls, topples or even cut. Each ring represents two years. We are lucky that we have that so we can see that two thousand years ago we had a drought, flood, or wild fires by the dampness or dryness of the ring.

Sequoias are a beautiful type of tree the rusty red bark is average twelve inches thick sequoias sequoias are a species of a pine tree so the leaves needles just like a normal pine tree. The root of a sequoia look exactly like the bark of the tree, rusty red and thick

The big cause of dying for sequoias and trees are toppling over just like Damiano but if we help preserve we can save them all!!!![File does not exist]

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September 03, 2014


I loved learning about longitude and latitude in class!!!!![File does not exist] 

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